Sharing your interests. Sharing your life.
What is Beboyz?
Beboyz is a unique and innovative way for Boyz readers to share their hobbies, sports and pastimes. Beboyz is free to join for ever on our Standard plan.

Fresh New Look

We’ve given Beboyz a fresh new look and you can now navigate profiles either by a two column list or by tiles. You can also flick through people’s tags from the main members page to see what they’re interested in. And we’ve highlighted locations so it’s easier to see where people are based.

Your Tags

We have tags for hundreds of hobbies, sports and pastimes. Tags are how you describe yourself on your personal Beboyz page.

Your Beboyz Page

After you’ve created your own personal Beboyz page, you’ll be able to search for other people interested in the same sports, interests and hobbies as you.

Gay Groups

Gay sports and hobby groups can join Beboyz and create their own group page to publicise their activities and programmes, and invite Beboyz members to join up.

Safe Social Space

Beboyz is a safe and non-explicit social space for Boyz readers in which to make new friends who share your hobbies, sports and interests. Beboyz is not a hook up or dating app. We are a friendship site based around shared pastimes. Beboyz is about making new friends with people who like to do the same things as you.

New Message Email Alert

We send out email alerts when someone has sent you a new message. We hope you’ll feel like reaching out to other members. We are keen for Beboyz to be a friendly, kind and supportive online community. You can deactivate this option in your profile settings.

Free To Use

Beboyz is free to join. As a new member you are immediately placed on our Standard Plan - which is free for ever. You can send as many messages as you want, view as many profiles as you want and send multiple friend requests. You can also upload a photo album and a video and create your own group page.

Who Are We?

Beboyz is run by the same team who publish Boyz, the gay men’s website. Launched in 1991, Boyz reports on clubs, bars and cabaret on the gay scene as well as theatre, film, books, travel, health and life advice.